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Our every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. We think, The future of technology is the future of everything.


Technology is best when it brings people together. We are what we repeatedly do. excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Social media has created a historically powerful shift to the historically powerless. Now everyone has a voice.

Enacute Contribution towards building a digital revolution in the world, for the enhancement of society

We Provide Reliable and Scalable Software Solutions

Enacute is a global technology and services firm that helps clients transform and realize their digital strategies. With a unique Experience Centric Transformation approach, our ground-breaking solutions are in the space of mobile, cloud, and design. Our team is differentiated by an emphasis on excellent design skills that they bring to every project. Focused on enterprise mobility, cloud computing, and user experiences, we strives to accomplish and surpass their customers’ business goals. Our inclusive work environment and culture inspire team members to be innovative and creative, and to provide clients with an exceptional partnership experience.

Enacute was incorporated in the year 2003 in Pune. We started as an app development company providing multiple IT related services to our clients. App development, Website design, and development, Android app development are some of our well versed key areas. We are known as a consulting firm specializing in cutting edge and high skilled technology areas. We also have a massive circle of outsourcing companies in Pune.

At Enacute, we believe in maintaining well-versed business approach, covering process, delivery, business and technology innovations that help to work collaboratively with customers.

Delivering Modern Software Solutions
Enacute delivers innovative software solutions that bring our customers a competitive advantage at the market across multiple domains. Depending on the initial task, our clients conquer the new market, increase their business presence, or optimize their internal processes.
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Mobile App Development


Custom Software Development


Web Development


CRM / ERP Software

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Learning Management System – LMS


E-Commerce Portals

Mobile App Development
Enacute teams deliver highly performative, digitally transformative, and feature-packed mobile applications designed to work across all major platforms. Being a mobile app development company, we offer our expertise for businesses that are willing to deliver services faster, improve sales numbers, increase customer engagement, drive more attention to the brand, and enhance client loyalty. With Android, iOS, and cross-platform development services on offer, we ensure our clients receiving the ability to reach customers on any mobile device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, smart TV, etc. We have been providing world-class mobile app development services for Startups, mid-scale businesses, and enterprises since 2011.
Custom Software Development

For over 20+ years, KarnaniSoft teams have been delivering software solutions for businesses that operate across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, education, and many others. Solutions developed by Elinext allow both B2B- and B2C-focused clients scale up their business performance, increase employee engagement, improve reporting and decision-making, and get a competitive advantage on the market.

Web Development

KarnaniSOFT is a web application development company that works on user-friendly, scalable solutions. Our web development services is a reliable way to implement your ideas by taking advantage of the profound expertise of software engineers. Our web solutions vary in size and execution complexity — from single-page websites to enterprise-sized systems.

CRM / ERP Software
A customer relationship management (CRM) system is an essential part of any ERP developed by KarnaniSOFT . CRM systems help with the following:
  • smoothing the communication between the company and its customers
  • increasing sales
  • improving the company services
  • enhancing customer support
  • coordinating timings of activities
Learning Management System – LMS

Education is a multi-billion industry that is altered by technology drastically. Boring classrooms of schools and universities are being replaced by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and huge textbooks give their way to mobile devices.

Whether you need a complex online learning platform for the corporate training of your employees, or a simple e-learning solution to try yourself on this market, e.g. microlearning-based mobile app for the B2C business — address highly experienced KarnaniSOFT developers, and your commercially successful project might become a reality during the shortest time possible.

E-Commerce Portals

Having a proven record of delivering top-notch IT solutions to the shopping & commerce industry, KarnaniSOFT offers its expertise to clients willing to move towards personalization of shopping experience, better data analytics, improved management, and higher security. Being a retail & commerce development company, we are constantly discovering and analyzing possible technological shifts in the industry to come up with solutions that can make a difference.

Atul Kulkarni

Mr. Atul Kulkarni write creative and interactive books, He lectures at business school in India and writes columns and books on Management, The digital transformation and leadership.

Atul Kulkarni will play a key role in business strategy planning, execution and sales management. He will also be responsible for new initiatives, process improvement and overall management of the product development, delivery, finance and HR teams. With a animator background, Atul has over 25 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing and client management. At Enacute, Atul played a pivotal role for entering into business association with some of the leading industry verticals in India, UAE and Europe.

I dont know where we should take this company. but I do know that if I start with the right people ask them the right questions. and engage them in vigorous debate. we will find a way to make this company great....

Atul Kulkarni


Enacute is a software development company having its headquarter in Pune, India. With a huge client base from various domains, we have been able to provide solutions to one and all. Alongside a team of extremely talented young as well as experienced professionals who constantly work day in and out to fulfill the requirements of our clients from various domains, KarnaniSOFT has established itself as a pioneer in all the services and products that we offer. We have had a successful history of delivering exceptional services over the past eighteen years and are being appreciated as well as recommended by many big names in the industry for the same. We aim to provide quality services to our customers in India & across globe, understanding the fact that every business is different and so solutions and requirement would also differ. Hence, we make sure that our clients receive best SEO & mobile friendly web design for increasing online presence. Our Online marketing services ensure that your website or mobile app stands out ahead of competition and remains digitally sound with time and technology.

Our industry expertise and solutions

Creating business value at the intersection of your industry transformation and today’s latest technology innovation.


The two most popular types of EHR software are the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EPR is used by hospitals internally to store their patients’ data. The EMR is a record of a patient’s recovery course and actions taken by a specific hospital unit. Handling patient bills and appointments used to be a chaotic scene in hospitals and clinics. Not anymore! With the arrival of KarnaniSOFT Clinic Management Software, a systematic process has evolved over time. The best part of this software is that it has reduced the use of paper, keeping all important information in one place to access. Doctors could coordinate with other departments with great ease, regarding medical health records. The software has helped in saving time as prescriptions, bills and other calculations are maintained digitally.  This helps Doctors to concentrate on their core activities. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

From homes and industries to enterprises, the Internet of Things have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before. However, this is just the beginning. Unlocking the full potential of the Internet of Things requires that businesses understand the opportunities for value creation and systematically address the underlying challenges. Happiest Minds Internet of Things service enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiation by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions.  From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, We KarnaniSOFT provides comprehensive IoT services to our clients.

Automotive CRM/ERP

KarnaniSOFT is a Cloud-based/Online application software specially designed as per the business of an automobile setup like a showroom or a workshop of A two wheeler, three wheeler or a four wheeler dealership. Auto Genius also works perfectly well for multi-brand showrooms, workshops, garages, and electric vehicle/E-Rickshaw dealerships. It is also available with Mobile App (Android & iOS) too. You can have a combined module which has sales, service and spares or an individual module like that of a showroom and a workshop.

Lead Management System
Whether you are looking to generate new leads to your auto workshop/showroom or want a more effective way to track & covert leads coming your way, Auto Genius has everything you need. 

Media & Entertainment

Entertainment & Media sector continues its upward growth journey. KarnaniSOFT works across sectors, viz. television, radio, films, print and digital, among others, and helps organizations improve effectiveness and achieve long-term results. With new evolving revenue models in the entertainment space, our team of experts can help you with financial forecasting, finance transformation, project management, revenue recognition and supply chain management. With digital media being delivered across new mediums, intellectual property disputes and risk management have become common.  Our team helps you resolve these disputes along with content and licensing management. Our practice also provides services around merger integration, financial and commercial due diligence, valuation and tax-effective restructuring solutions.

Real Estate ERP

KarnaniSOFT Real estate CRM is an easy-to-deploy and fully customizable online real estate CRM software that caters to the needs of real estate sales, marketing, assets management and construction. As an agile CRM for real estate management, it offers users a complete view over all business aspects and provides total visibility and control over operations with its multi-featured dashboard. As a one-stop solution for businesses dealing in real estate sales and property leasing, it is loaded with integrated modules such as the Owner’s Association and Project Management, making it the best real estate CRM software and a complete property management solution. We are encouraged by the resilience of Real Estate Builders and for aggressively adapting to digital technologies like Lead Automation, Lead Routing, Builder App, Property Buyer App, Post Sales management, Broker platform, instant documentation and much more…!

Tour and Travel management CRM

Tours is the first specially designed tour operator software that takes care of all business needs of tour operators , travel companies and the entire travel industry with its incredible and and 100% user-friendly features. KarnaniSOFT is a complete travel ERP software for managing your tour and travel business efficiently and in a user friendly manner. Crafted with utmost coherence, this Software proves to be an end-to-end solution for all tour operators entire business related needs. KarnaniSOFT CRM software provides everything at its best for small & large scale business operators to run their back office & sales operation in one easy powerful system! With KarnaniSOFT Tours travel CRM software, tour operators can get an entire 360 degree customer view.  KarnaniSOFT Tours has created a smarter opportunity for travel operators to manage their customer related activities with its ultimate travel CRM software. 

Education ERP

Educational institutions handle massive amounts of data and information on a regular basis and must have continuous access to student information. In many institutions, it is a norm to use manual processes for important tasks. Such systems require more time and energy and are also subject to human errors and duplication of data. In the case of institutions that have multiple branches, data integration is nearly impossible, resulting in error-prone decision making. Educational ERP software systems provide technical support for institutions by automating the complex data management process.

Enacute provides the best academic ERP for the education industry. These integrated management systems provide organization-wide transparency to schools, colleges and universities, making it easier for their management  to avoid wastage of resources by plugging any possible misuses From the administration’s perspective, educational institutes can end or limit their dependence

Logistics ERP

We KarnaniSOFT are powered by our expertise in providing enterprise software solutions covering CRM, hub management, transport management, warehouse management, fleet management, rating & billing, and facility management. Our Logistics Software, as a single integrated system, can provide end-to-end visibility and control over operations. Our systems help empower companies with detailed activity reports for the much-needed visibility and insights needed to optimize resources and functions. With our products, enterprises can take advantage of a niche offering that addresses the different problems in the logistics segment. With our transport management software solutions, managers can benefit from a visual dashboard of logistics operations on maps in real-time.  This can immensely benefit logistics service providers in the planning, execution, and delivery.

Financial Services

Online payments have formed the technological backbone of rapidly expanding industries. From revolutionizing eCommerce to creating an impact on financial institutions at all levels, the dynamic changes in various industries have resulted in demand for an effective payment landscape. Today’s customer seeks convenience and the flexibility to use multiple modes of payments, be it through Credit Cards, eWallets, online checks or mobile. This is where payment gateways and financial services technology solutions are required. It can integrate the various modes of payments, receive inputs from payment portals, encrypt sensitive information  information transfer between the customer and merchant, authorize payments and, in general, make transactions happen in the digital space. we KarnaniSOFT deliver exemplary financial services/payment management solutions customized as per specific business requirements.  This can immensely benefit logistics service providers in the planning, execution, and delivery.


We KarnaniSOFT are the Best E-Commerce Development Company. With our Vision of Beautiful, Fast and Robust E-Commerce Web Designing for each Business, we improve e-following for Indian merchants by giving them start to finish solutions loaded with latest features, for exhibiting their products on the web and sell online. The mobile shopping apps have one out of the below-mentioned types of eCommerce apps. B2C differs from B2B in a shorter sales cycle where most of the purchases are made at the spur of a moment. It is one of the most popular approaches for any retail organization while setting up the business online. Anything you buy from an online store – household appliances, gadgets, clothes, groceries is part of a B2C transaction. One of the best examples is Alibaba, where companies and individuals can list and procure goods in large quantities.

Retail industry ERP

KarnaniSOFT ERP for the retail industry possesses wide-ranging capabilities that automate navigation between the various channels involved in the omnichannel shopping experience. It facilitates the movement of data quickly to allow decision-makers to reach the best possible outcomes while making well-informed, on-the-spot data-driven decisions.
ERP can pertain to your specific business needs. Benefits The current retail environment is set up for retailers to respond directly and quickly to customer demands, whether it’s customer service through a social media platform or sending an automated notification when a package is delivered.

eLearning Solutions

KarnaniSOFT focuses on creating compelling and engaging digital content for the Education, Publishing, and Technology sectors with Training Solutions, e-Learning Courses & Technology Platforms being the core. Tailor-made learning content to improve business process and employee engagement. We curate courses and content to build learning paths that help learners master a topic. We deploy game elements to deliver core content or specific skills in an engaging manner. Micro Learning Bite-sized content nuggets to help learners consume information in a short amount of time. Tailor-made learning content to improve business process and employee engagement. We curate courses and content to build learning paths that help learners master a topic. We deploy game elements to deliver core content or specific skills in an engaging manner. Bite-sized content nuggets to help learners consume information in a short amount of time.

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Our Industry Expertise

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We work with companies of all sizes and across every industry to develop
innovative and impactful software products. 

Providing expert software engineers to meet the highest tech standards.

Advanced analytics and support services for competitive solutions.

Leading broadcasting connectivity with cutting-edge technology.

Interactive and engaging software applications for the new era of retail.

Custom software solutions that drive the stories from around the world.

Data-driven intelligence for products and innovation.

Robust and reliable platforms to support medical services.

Powerful applications that satisfy modern financial needs.

Smart automation for supply chain management systems.

Taking production, quality control, and security to new standards.

Large-scale implementations that build the smart cities of tomorrow.

Custom enterprise software development services for large-scale projects.

What Differs Us From Other Companies

Our development center is in India-a hub of ITs where competitions and lower margins rule henceforth our prices are worth to the quality, features, functionality as well as support and time line we deliver.

You can establish communication with us by many route, you can email us; contact us by instant messengers like Whatsapp, etc; go to our website for live chats or you can pick up the phone and say hello.

User experiences are our prime focus as it leads our clients to a definite success. Cloying UIs, great usability and easy to use product has evergreen market and for that every client craving therefore, we are scrappy enough to deliver our best of the best.

We have profound experience of Web & Mobile domains so we speak same language as our customers and understand their needs easily. Our knowledge and experience help us to save precious time and money of our customers and deliver excellent solutions that fit in every situation.

We deliver unique solutions which are best fit for your business specific needs. We strictly adhere to the given time line so our customer can reach at market as early as possible and reaps all benefits.

software development solution
Enacute Technologies has developers that are subject matter experts of their respective technologies. They leverage their experience and expertise to deliver top-notch software development solution.
Experienced Employees
Experienced Employees

50+ employees with 20 years of more work experience.

Transparent Process
Transparent processing

100% transparency in process and reporting.

Karnanisoft Technologies School ERP
Timely Deliveries

All our projects are delivered on or before time, marking us as the best in industry for timely deliveries.

We Deliver Solution With

WHY US Our goals are to provide affordable, superior service with high customer satisfaction levels.