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KarnaniSOFT is a custom software development company with a heavy presence and deep expertise in the automotive industry. We design a wide range of software products, including automotive management software, repair management & parts diagnostics software, and other automotive software solutions.

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We also offer different types of solutions, ERP services, end-to-end solutions to different scale of industries, offered various software solutions such as HR payroll, CRM, real estate crm, hotal management software, travel management software and many other services.
Let’s take a look at why modern manufacturers are using ERP for the Automotive Industry –
  • Increased Real-time Data Access

Modern ERP systems allow users to smoothen the informational flow within an organization. It consolidates the data of every department and empowers the decision makers to make prompt decisions. Automakers need up-to-date information about customers, availability of resources, employee management, and manufacturing status – ERP fills this gap. Manufacturers can view, edit and manage the entire data with just one solution.

  • Secured Data

Organizations create and maintain tons of content pieces – HR policies, QC reports, forms, business plans, Bar-code labels, Batch numbers, Routing reports, etc. From reports to customers’ data, an ERP helps you manage end-to-end processes on a single screen. When deployed on the cloud, the data is safe and driven by automatically scheduled backups to prevent failure. Data security, update, and storage is managed by the cloud provider.

  • Enhanced Inter-organizational Communication

ERP aims to suppress communication barriers between teams and departments. Every authorized person has access to view and edit the data and push it for further processing. Let your employees work collaboratively to achieve the given goals. With an ERP solution, management can have a bird’s eye view of the entire organization and activities going on in departments (production, QC, supply chain planning, procurement, shipping, HR, Finance, warehouse, etc.)

  • Utmost Compliance

ERP developers understand the need for stringent quality standards that the automotive industry requires. Smart ERP facilitates detailed labeling capabilities, AQL (Accepted Quality Level), RQL (Rejected Quality Level) to ensure adherence to the quality parameters. Automotive manufacturers can take prompt decisions by tracking sample frequencies, production defects, viewing and executing the quality plan.

  • Inventory Optimization

Surplus inventory is an undesired expense while stock-outs can hamper customer needs. It is impossible to ignore your warehouse and considering this, ERP with SAP Business One facilitates report generation, recording warehouse transfers, capturing inventory and process tasks and transactions on the plant floor.

  • Automation of Tasks

With electronically generated reports and sheets, you don’t need to manually generate delivery notes and invoices – everything is done at the touch of a button. This indeed saves money, time, and effort and reduces the number of errors done.

  • Lowered Cost and High ROI

When an ERP is hosted on the cloud, manufacturers don’t need to hire multiple servers or recruit a team of IT professionals for installing and configuring the systems. It is all set and done by the cloud providers. Modern ERP promotes cost-efficiency, minimum implementation time, access through mobile-enabled devices and employee satisfaction.

  • Quality and Customer Relation

Successful manufacturers opt for the ERP solution embedded with rich and powerful features that facilitate swift actions. The QC module of OptiProERP is devised seamlessly to enhance QA processes and reports. From receiving and delivering inspection to bin management, skip QC, Material Review Board, you can evaluate every aspect and thereafter make a prompt decision. When an optimum quality standard is met and products are delivered on time, customers are ultimately satisfied.

  • Employee Efficiency

Happy employees work with more efficiency. With ERP, automated operations, data redundancy, and duplicate data entry are eliminated – this adds more to employees’ confidence, productivity, and efficiency. Moreover, ERP offers the facility of accessing data with handheld devices, they can easily enjoy working from home or remote areas.

  • Greatest Optimization of Resources

ERP solution drives lean manufacturing and helps businesses develop a lean supply chain that can ensure optimum utilization of resources, improved lead time and less wastage. When tasks are allotted to the right person, he/ she does it with sheer commitment and in the best possible manner.

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We Provide multipurpose school management system which aids in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free and provide insightful reports and 360-degree tracking so that the stakeholders can make better and faster decisions to escalate the productivity of their institution.

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