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Syllabus & Eligibility Criteria

For Elementary Robotics : Class 4th to 10th

  • Basic Electronics
  • PCB design
  • Mathematics – Basic Coding
  • 60 module with 40 robotics projects

Duration 3 Month ( Free Rs. 2950/- )

For Intermediate Robotics : Class 4th to 10th

  • Advance Electronics
  • PCB design
  • Introduction to printed electronics
  • Basic programming
  • 80 module with 80 robotics projects

Duration 3 Month ( Free Rs. 6372/- )

For Elementary Robotics & Intermediate Robotics : Class 4th to 10th

  • Basic Electronics / Advance Electronics
  • PCB design
  • Introduction to printed electronics
  • Mathematics – Basic Coding / Basic programming
  • 140 module with 140 robotics projects

Duration 5 Month ( Free Rs. 9,630/- )

For Advance Robotics : Class 7th to 10th

  • Computer programming C, C++
  • Basic Java/Basic python programming, IOT
  • PCB design, printed electronics
  • Industrial Visits
  • 100 module with 85 robotics projects

Duration 10 month ( Fee Rs. 10,620/-)

Eligibility Criteria – For the advance course candidate must complete Elementary + intermediate Courses.


Upon enrollment into the Robotics Online Classes for kids, you will get your child’s Robotics Learning kit at your doorstep. Your child will have 1-1 classes from our expert mentors to learn by building projects using the kit. In each class, your child will solve real world problems and build real world products that actually work! The mentor will help your child learn while building the projects.

No. The robotics kits from Enacute Labs are specially designed for kids of this age group and are accredited by So your child will be able to learn without any challenge. Moreover, the robotics online classes for kids are 1-1 and led by expert teachers who will help your child make the best of the kit and ensure actual learning takes place.

In our online robotics course for kids, children will learn Science, Technology and Coding in a hands-on manner. These courses provide a perfect combination of fun and learning that will expand your child’s creativity and innovation. Our course on robotics for kids combines concepts of Science, Mechanical, Electronics and Coding to create robots that will solve real world problems. Not only do our robotics classes for kids help to learn science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, but also work to build key 21st century skills like Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Problem Solving. In these online robotics classes for kids, they will also learn to build a variety of Robot structures and program them to perform specific tasks. Your child will understand that Science, Technology, Math etc. are tools to solve real world problems and will therefore show an increased interest to learn these topics in school. As a result, your child will understand concepts better and perform well even in regular academics. In addition, your child will develop a strong personality and gain a lot of confidence to face the future. So Robotics Online Classes for kids will have a lot of benefits for your child.

Your child will receive a robotics kit that is appropriate/ safe for the age and will include everything needed to build 1000s of projects in Robotics and IOT. It contains several sensors, actuators, programmable blocks and mechanical components. Your child will learn to use these components with real world items in your house and build real world products. Even after the Robotics Online Classes for Kids are completed, your child will be able to bring own ideas into reality as the kit is very flexible and allows your child to build them. Our teachers also encourage your child to think, come up with own ideas and convert them into real products in the robotics classes.

Absolutely! Infact that is the goal of the program and our mentors encourage this in each session. The Robotics kit is very modular and allows your child to come up with own ideas and build them in the real world. As your child completes the Robotics Online Classes, you will see the imaginations of your child get real!

Robotics is a great place for your child to develop an interest towards science and technology. Robotics helps you child develop confidence, creativity and problem solving skills, which are very much needed in the future. So a number of parents across the globe now want to get their children in Robotics.
Lots of parents try to get their children into Robotics by buying some Robotics Kits available Online. However, Robotics is a complex topic and it is difficult for children to learn by themselves. The complexity is good as it helps children learn, if you can utilize it in the right way. Also, there are too many kits available and it is difficult to know which one is perfect for your child.
So Enacute Labs developed a unique model where you get specially developed kits for your child based on the age. Enacute Labs also provides classes from expert teachers and a great curriculum that is developed by experts. With this combination of Robotics Kits, Classes and a great Curriculum, you will be able to get your child into Robotics with confidence.

Learning Robotics doesn’t mean kids will start making robots that will be used in industry the next day! So if your expectation is to get a job immediately for your child in Robotics, then you are looking at the wrong place! Instead, Robotics should be used as a way to help kids understand how Science, Technology, Coding, Math etc. are used in real life. So they can connect what they are learning in their classes to real world.
Once kids understand this, they develop an interest in these topics and will show an increased curiosity to learn. In addition, since Robotics involves solving problems and building real world projects, kids will also learn Problem Solving Skills and become more creative and innovative. These skills are extremely useful as Robotics is going to take over the mundane jobs and the remaining jobs of the future will require them. That is how Robotics Online Classes for kids will help your child become ready for the future.

In Robotics Classes for Kids, we use actual Robotics Kits that are specially designed for Children and not simulators. There is no replacement for children building real-world products with their own hands and seeing those projects work. The excitement kids get when they connect motors, sensors etc. and make them work plays a very important role in shaping their thoughts and developing curiosity towards technology. So while Simulators might be cheap, they are not really helping your child.
At Enacute, we use Robotics Kits that are perfectly safe for your child to use. Our engineers are working hard to build safe robotics kits for children that are economical and will still give a great learning experience for your child.