Robotics Workshop


The main objective of the workshop is to make the aspiring students acquainted with the conceptual as well as practical knowledge of Robotics. It is one of the Latest Technology which has changed our lifestyle. We all know that tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, designers and problem solvers need the best tools to build their futures. Robotics is one among them. Here, students will be able to experiment better with their design concepts and test their engineering visions, truly understanding why a part worked or why it didn’t. Robotics can change the whole learning dynamic for the students. We at Enacute Training, hope to do the same i.e., to help the students turn abstract concepts into working models thus becoming invaluable to schools, colleges etc.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Introduction to Basic Electronics and Robotics.
2. Introduction to Arduino and its software.
3. Design practice.
4. Introduction to sensors and actuators.
5. Robotic ideas and solution.
6. New problem statement given, idealization and solution planning (group activity, will define problems that will need small and quick solutions)

Projects To Be Covered:

Day 1:
● Introduction to the Embedded Systems
● Installation of Arduino IDE and required drivers
● Project 1: Learn how to automate an LED ( Learn basics of electronics, Ohms Law)
● Project 2: Opening and closing a door using IR Sensor ( Concept of transmitter and receiver)
● Project 3: Traffic Light using RGB LED ( Combination of colors)
● Project 4: Line Follower Robot ( A robot which follows the path of a black line)

Day 2:
● Applications of IR Sensors (Examples of lift mechanism, Smart Tap etc)
● Project 5: Obstacle Avoider Robot (Designing a robot which will avoid the obstacle when it comes in front of it.)
● Project 6: Light Follower Robot (Designing a robot which will follow the light and move in a particular direction.
● Project 7: Fall Avoider (Designing a robot that moves on an elevated surface by automatically detecting edges and avoiding the fall)


All the projects will also be taught in Arduino IDE so that the participant understands the logic of the robot.


2 Days (6-7 Hours each)


This Workshop is best suited for all 4th to 12th class students. The pre-requisite for joining this workshop is zero, anyone can participate in this workshop.


Certificate of Merit to all participants from Enacute Training will be provided.


The Entire Workshop will be conducted in the Organizing /School Campus, so that students need not to go anywhere else.