We Offer School Labs

We would like to introduce Enacute Robotics; an educational organisation specialising in Practical Science, Robotics and Game Design (STEM) programs for children. We at Enacute Robotics would like to offer you our Stem Lab solutions.


What is a STEM Lab?

It’s an engaging program where students explore STEM through applied technology and project-based learning. It’s a fully integrated learning environment where everything from technology to curriculum and assessment work together to support hands-on, minds-on learning.

The STEM Lab will allow students the opportunity to express their creative powers while learning about physics, robotics, design, electronics etc. Our goal is to present learners with engineering, scientific, and mathematical challenges that bring students, parents and the community together in a competitive problem-solving environment.


The STEM LAB is envisioned as a place that inspires imagination, learning and play for all stakeholders in a child’s future – the caretakers : parents and teachers, but most importantly, for the child himself / herself. It will be a memorable high point in their visit to the Children’s Science Centre.

Parents :

  • Will understand the role and value of play in learning and learn how to facilitate this in their daily lives and time with children using the Education platform.

Teachers :

  • Will learn how to maximize potential of Enacute Robotics Education products in school within and outside of curriculum thus nurturing creativity and imagination in their students.

Child :

  • Will discover wonder and excitement in play.
  • Will learn to combine imagination with experimentation and application to develop possibility into plan.
  • Will begin their journey into being creative and responsible citizens of the future.

Included In Your STEM Labs is :

  • 30hrs training in the first year
  • Follow up training in years two and three.
  • Classroom sets for Simple machines & Robotics