Our end to end education ERP solution is designed to suit any educational institution by automating their campus administration, student or staff management, attendance, inventory management, Finance and payroll processes. Our School ERP is a web based software that requires no installation and works seamlessly on the web browser with Internet connection. Our campus management software acts as a campus information system by providing excellent access to the student data, empower staffs to access the HR or payroll features, allows sharing of information to internal or external locations, build user relationships and enables clear communication between management, staffs, and students.

Advanced ERP for Educational Institutions

Student Information

Admission Management

Fees Management

Assignment Management

Genius Mobile App


Student Information
Every institution today has to keep track of all student’s inquiries and leads that are generated. Without software it’s very difficult to manage inquiry and tracking of those leads and most importantly to know the conversion from the source of various sales leads. Our School ERP makes it easy.
Admission Management

Admission is one of the important task for institution. ERP simplify admission process. Admission Management features allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s fees details, installment setup and batch scheduling.

Fees Management

A huge chunk of the fintech web applications is represented in the trading sector. Online and digital banking are also in huge demand, along with the design of digital wallets across a variety of platforms.

Assignment Management
Assignment/Homework Management allows you to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference. This feature makes daily classroom homework assignments available to students and parent on web portal & mobile app. Homework posts include the date it was assigned, video link and attachments. Teachers can add remark & modify homework assignments and projects as necessary.
Genius Mobile App

To bridge the communication between students, parents, & School mobile app plays a vital role. Students and parents have the facility to get information directly and on record. With Our Genius mobile app students/parents can get options such as assignment, online fees payment, attendance report, exam, leaves, bus attendance, bus tracker facility, online store etc.


Student Attendance is integral part of the daily activity of schools, colleges, classes, and institutes. It facilitates to store attendance of students based on TimeTable in an efficient manner. The various report can be generated based on student attendance. Student Attendance can be viewed by parents in Parents Login Panel.

School ERP software is a robust, time-tested educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable faculty & educators to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions. Also referred to as a school management system, the smart school ERP software simplifies the complex administrative & non-administrative tasks including online admissiononline fees managementexamination management, assessments, timetable, schedule planning, teaching-learning, etc. Thus, the benefits of the school management system are numerous in terms of improving productivity, efficiency & ROI.

School management software is designed to track and record the administrative work of schools and educational institutions. It has all the modules that help faculty and staff to maintain all student records like managing academic records, fees management, timetable management, and all other required information of the institution. Overall it is specially designed to manage all the administrative work of schools and institutions.

Enacute’s School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency, and productivity. The solution is cloud based and supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, biometric, mobile apps, email alerts, etc. School management software is agile and can be tailored according to the requirements of the institution.

Why School Management System Software?

Enacute believes that true breakthroughs in advancement are achieved when administrative and managerial activities in an educational institution are automated. As school administrators need to manage activities like online admission, fees management, examination management, etc while keeping a tab on daily students & faculty activities, their efficiency & overall productivity; the need to digitize the work processes with a school management system software is paramount.

Benefits Of School Management System

The following list depicts the top benefits of the school management system.

  • Empower teachers & students through the E-learning platform
  • Keep parents & students in the connectivity loop at all times, through SMS, email & mobile apps
  • Go paperless, digitize administrative & non-administrative tasks
  • Generate 100% accurate reports with ERP school software
  • Reduce the monotonous task of your administrative department
  • Track student en route, to and from home in real-time
  • Elegant website presence, to showcase your school’s vision and mission for education
  • School library management system to manage your library’s cataloging, accessioning & circulation effortlessly
  • Online admission system for driving better efficiency & student enrollment
  • Online fee collection & payment portal integration for hassle-free school payments

Features Of School ERP Software

Multi-User Functionality

The ERP school software solution provides the facility of usage of online school ERP by multiple members based on their roles, by logging in thus, avoiding overburdening. The entire staff and faculty of the school can manage activities and modules assigned to them through their login.


The User Interface of ERP school software being easy to use and quite interactive facilitates different users at school to manage operations efficiently without any technical help from an engineer.

Customizable Modules And Plugins

Modules provided are interlinked and customizable i.e. can be tailored according to the requirements of the school. The administrative head of the school can have access to all operations that are being processed, tabulated, or recorded.

Data Security And Backup

A cloud based service saves data on cloud instead of saving it on decentralized databases hence, the data can be retrieved easily. Backup of data is automatic and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

Cost And Energy Saving

A cloud based service has the expedience to generate reports, receipts, and challans through the software. The reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, Word, and other formats.

SMS And Email Integration

This plugin sends SMS and Emails to parents, guardians about the day-to-day activities of their wards. SMS and Email inform parents/guardians about events, examinations, attendance, reports, and homework.

Online And On-Site Client Support

Enacute support is available online and on-site, 24x7, to aid any technical help required. ERP in school implementation & services offered are quite stable and user-friendly thus much troubleshooting.

Free Demonstration

School administrators can request a free demonstration or a trial version of the ERP in school software, to understand the features of the product. The trial version is available for 30 days.

Dynamic Plugins

Activation, an android mobile application for schools to mark attendance, manage events, and connect parents with day to day activities of the child. It is an online portal to pay all types of fees anytime, anywhere.

The School ERP system

The School ERP system is designed to effectively manage all the administrative as well as non-administrative tasks of a school such as monitoring daily activities & school information. The School ERP system provides role-based access to the users that restricts the access to sensitive institutional & student database to specific users only.

Our School Management ERP Development Process
  • Analyse the needs and future approach of the client
  • Create a Roadmap from start to end
  • Integration of Third Party Payments
  • Develop high-class school management software with high-quality techno-advanced solutions
  • Testing of software to ensure the functioning of the software
  • Deploying software with maintenance services
School transport management

School ERP Solution gives the advantages of streamlined activities, compelling cost control and vitally upgraded and anchored organization and control. Our school Transport arrangement is vigorous, intuitive, easy to use, adaptable and is planned and created to convey genuine advantages to all dimensions of school transport. The Transport module of School ERP deals with Buses, Routes, Stops and applicable charges. You can Add/Edit/Delete the same number of transports. You may characterize courses according to your desire. Stops will be characterized under that course.

In a flash, parents and guardians with Notification mobile app notices with the board warning framework, guardians can enroll to get imperative notification identified with timetable, stop or vehicle changes and discover their tyke’s assigned transport stop.

This module maintains the record of transport vehicle/ route, vehicle maintenance, transport student attendance and Smart live Tracking with transport fee collection.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking of your School buses
helps you maintain control
over your fleet, always.

School ERP driver app

School ERP driver app helps the
drivers with navigation, pickup points,
marking attendance and raising
SOS alarms.

Keep track

Keep Track of daily
attendance with
notifications to parents.

Parent App

With Parent App, Parents
can get real-time location
information about their
children, their boarding
and drop-off time.

Get alerts

Get alerts related to bus
deviation from regular routes,
boarding and deboarding
notifications and more

Storing Data

As the data starts to increase with too many files to manage (current and previous students, timetables and more), it becomes difficult to track and store.

Sharing Data With Relevant Stakeholders

When data is not shared with relevant departments and shareholders, it becomes challenging for the management to get a clearer picture of operations.

Real-Time Data Accessibility

Failure to properly track or monitor campus operations would result in organizations failing to have real-time visibility.

Why Choose us for School ERP Software?

We is a one-stop solution for those who want to enhance their overall business while maximising the returns with school management system software. We strive to deliver a wide range of school management software solutions while focusing on quality and satisfaction to meet the current trends and patterns. Our expert developers provide a handful of services while maintaining quality and security in mind.

Secure Data Management

By securing all school data, Enacute analyses all security threats or guiding the data from any unauthorised access to school management software. We follow the best platform that safeguards all other confidential data of student, teacher and school other important business data.

Customised Solutions

Our Skilled developer will provide you with customised solutions while ensuring all the single point contact details. We ensure timely delivery, clarity of thought and high quality service from start to end.

Robust and Scalable Platform

Our expert developers are designed with impeccable features while analysing the design and scalability in mind. Enacute software development services offer a fully customised scalable platform that makes the work look efficient and much smoother.

Smart Solutions

As a skilled developer, we strive to provide smart service solutions at the time of cutting edge technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and effort.


School management software is an information management system used by educational institutions to manage all student’s record. A school management software is a system which is designed to manage & simplify the day-to-day administrative & non-administrative tasks of a school. School management software enables schools to monitor daily activities like daily attendance, timetable management, etc. from a single centralized platform. From managing online admissions, assigning homework, assessments, examination management, finance and payroll management, and library management, the school ERP software offers various modules for complete campus administration & enables educators to make quick & thoughtful decisions that enhance student & faculty performance & drive institutional growth.

The cost of school management software varies depending on aspects like – total number of modules, student capacity, features & functionalities, implementation services, etc. On an average, the price of school ERP software in India falls in the range of 0 to 250 Rs Per Student Per Year.

Here are the best practices by which schools can benefit from e-learning modules with the integration of the best ERP software for schools software successfully.


  • Conduct online lectures, integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Create an e-library, upload teach notes and e-books
  • Send announcements
  • Conduct Online Assessment: MCQ and Descriptive.

College Faculty:

  • Ensure Communication through email and communication forum
  • Assign Tasks online and Evaluate the same
  • Keep parents and teachers in loop

Being the largest & oldest educational ERP providers in India, Enacute offers the following school ERP modules to ensure best practices in schools.

  • Admission & Fees Management System
  • Student Administration System
  • Student Attendance System
  • Inhouse & Online Examination System
  • Finance Management System
  • Payroll & Leave Management System

College Faculty:

  • Establishment or Service Book
  • Library Automation Software
  • E-Learning Software
  • Online Assessment Tools
  • Hostel Management System
  • School Bus Management

School ERP software

A robust, time-tested educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable faculty & educators to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions. Also referred to as a school management system, the smart school ERP software simplifies the complex administrative & non-administrative tasks including online admissiononline fees managementexamination management, assessments, timetable, schedule planning, teaching-learning, etc. Thus, the benefits of the school management system are numerous in terms of improving productivity, efficiency & ROI.