ERP Solution for Collages and Universities

ERP Software Solution For Collages

Educational institutions handle massive amounts of data and information on a regular basis and must have continuous access to student information. In many institutions, it is a norm to use manual processes for important tasks. Such systems require more time and energy and are also subject to human errors and duplication of data. In the case of institutions that have multiple branches, data integration is nearly impossible, resulting in error-prone decision making. Educational ERP software systems provide technical support for institutions by automating the complex data management process. KarnaniSoft Education ERP Software is a cloud-based software for schools, colleges, and universities that automates all major processes of an Educational institute. The Education ERP campus system ensures management of all academic & non-academic operations and ensuring transparency across all departments. ERP is a centralized database system that makes information and communication easy across various departments of an institution. The major objective of education ERP system is to integrate the best modules in organization for better communication & ROI.

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Online Collage Management ERP

  • College Admission & Fees
  • E-Learning
  • Student Administration
  • Attendance
  • Collage Examination
  • Finance
  • Library
  • Hostels
  • HR Payroll & Leave
  • Integration
  • Purchase & Stores
  • Training & Placement
College Admission & Fees

An applicant is a person who seeks admission and a student is the one who gets admitted to school/college/institute/university. Visiting off site campus, taking application form, filling it, and then the submission is a backdated story. In the current era of digitalization, why should someone go offline to fill & submit the admission form for college?

By taking advantage of information technology things are available in a few clicks and the process from applicant to the student is not an exception for the same. KarnaniSOFT ERP has a complete college management system solution from online application form submission to become a student of a specific institute including online payment, query management, a dashboard to know types of applicants, merit list generation, counselling, final selection, etc.

To automate and to make ease out of it to end users, it is really vital to make admission and selection processes online. Offline Admission is a very tedious and hectic activity.

Referring to ground level & real time challenges of admission and selection process; we have designed and developed a comprehensive online admission system according to institutes’ nature.


Purpose of E-learning Software in Higher Education Institutions

  •  Designing e-learning syllabus & curriculum
  •  Communication gap in online classes
  • Sharing engaging teaching lessons & online assessments
  •  Conducting secured & cheating-free online exams
  •  Creating question sets in multiple patterns -MCQs & Descriptive tests

To overcome these challenges, educators need to implement an efficient, robust, and smart higher education learning management system (LMS) to conduct daily classroom activities in the virtual space.

Higher Education Learning Management System (LMS) 

With an objective to provide an undisturbed learning experience, KarnaniSOFT  has introduced a Learning Management System for Higher Education Institutions. The LMS supports the educational goals of institutions by digitizing the traditional classroom with innovative teaching methodologies while maintaining a student-centric approach. Powered with collaborative workspaces, online assessment features, personalized communication channels, and e-content provisions, the LMS is an advanced interactivity building tool for the best classroom activities management of higher education institutions (HEIs).

Why Choose KarnaniSOFT’s Higher Education LMS?

Though there are thousands of LMS software that offer e-learning provisions available in the market, finding out a software integrated with relevant e-content & other study material is often time-consuming & tedious. Moreover, each student requires personalized content, to accelerate learning. To help students continue their education & shape their career with the most relevant content KarnaniSOFT has designed & developed an e-learning platform for Higher Education Institutions that empowers the education ecosystem by delivering good quality & relevant content to educate students virtually.

Student Administration

The student administration management system is the most integral and essential module of College ERP. It provides a highly effective platform for automating & handling complete student information & administrative data and enhances institutional effectiveness. Details of students, faculty, and staff with other details of certificates, documents, sections, and enrollment numbers are maintained at a centralized location of the college ERP software. And it thus eradicates the need for re-entering the same data for distinct operations. To ease the administrative work hassles further, it allows the users to export the data into Spread sheets.

To list a few operations, the college administration ERP automates:

  • Data Entry During College Admission
  • Creation of Admitted Student Records
  • Fee Head Creation
  • Allotment of Roll Number, Registration Number, Section & Subjects
  • Department/Subject-wise Faculty Allotment
  • Updating the Student Dues & Fines
  • Issuance of Certificates
  • Scholarship & Fee Concession Activity

Further, the college ERP system is embedded with a competent Power BI analytics dashboard that enables the higher management authorities & administrative staff members to generate & access reports related to student data & records right from the time of their college admission.

The role-based accessibility ensures complete student data safety & assists college administrators to continue the daily work process in a holistic and organized manner. Integration of this college ERP module with other modules such as online admissions, fee payment & collection management, academics, online attendance & timetable, examination management system, library automation system, and much more makes it a key player in handling general administration & improving the productivity of staff members in the long run.

Reports That Can Be Accessed Are:
  • Online Admission Register
  • General Register
  • Identity Cards
  • Certificates: TC, Leaving, Bonafide, Character, DOB, Passing, NOC, Attempt & Expenditure
  • Scholarship Reports
  • User defined reports
  • Correspondence with Parents
  • University Board Reports
  • Students List Reports like: Courses, Optional Subjects, Caste Category Fee Type
  • Reports based on: Faculty, Cashbook, Medium, Sex, Caste, Category & Fees Category
College Attendance Management System

Managing daily attendance in colleges is imperative yet it is a time & effort-consuming task. The hassles double up with errors especially when college faculty has to manage the daily attendance of students in an entire class, section, academic year! To help the faculty manage the daily classroom attendance seamlessly, a traditional manual attendance procedure needs to be replaced with an automated attendance process.

KarnaniSOFT has developed a robust, end-to-end attendance management system to help the faculty overcome manual attendance challenges and enables them to track & monitor the real-time attendance of students as well as staff members. The college ERP can be furthermore used to generate staff members’ attendance records for payroll & salary processing.

KarnaniSOFT offers three types of attendance management systems for colleges

1.RFID Technology-Based Attendance Software

RFID attendance system involves an RFID card and RFID device that needs to be placed in the campus for automatically tracking students’ attendance.

2.Biometric Attendance System

In the case of biometric attendance, students & staff need to press their thumb on the biometric device for their unique identification & attendance.

3.Student Diary Mobile App

Student diary is a mobile app that furthermore simplifies the student attendance management by offering  an advanced app that tracks daily student attendance in real-time.

All three versions of MasterSoft college attendance management system improves the overall productivity of the faculty, reduces manual errors in students attendance by computerizing the following activities:

  • Academic calendar
  • Course (subject) allotment
  • Time table entry
  • Creation of practical batches
  • Integration with Google calendar to schedule online classes
  • Day-to-Day attendance entry by the faculty

Reports Generated Are-

  • Attendance reports for faculty, students & parents
  • Analysis of faculty teaching
  • Poor attendance report
  • Communication through SMS, letters & emails to parents
Collage Examination

For any college, the journey of managing & conducting examinations to the evaluation of papers and declaring results is quite crucial. The college authorities & faculty need to carefully plan & execute everything to ensure the best practices. And thus, handling examination processes manually is surely not a good idea as it consumes the institution´s time and resources, and still, the possibility of exam-related errors remains high.

MasterSoft´s examination management software is an end-to-end solution to simplify, streamline, and manage all exam-related activities seamlessly. Designed & developed to carry out offline as well as online conduction of examinations, this software empowers faculty to take care of the following pre-examination, real-time examination, and post-examination activities.

Core Accounting

Features day to day account entry and account reports. Accounting and financial management can administer the creation of cash books, ledger heads, cost centers and account heads.

1. Higher Education Accounting Software Can Do The Following Day To Day Entry Of :

Online Receipt Of-

  • Entries can be transferred to the Accounts module while collecting fees.
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Contra & JV voucher entries
  • Fees Collected

Transfers Between Modules Like-

  • Student Fees to Accounts module at the day’s end; the software allows one entry per student per fees head or only just one summary entry of all the fees collected in a day.
  • Payroll entries to Accounts
  • Stores’ bill transfer

2. Reports Of Financial Management System That Can Be Generated Are-

  • Cash, bank and day books
  • Ledgers and trial balance
  • Balance sheets, Receipts and Payments
  • Income and Expenditure Statement

3. Accounts Configuration-

  • Single Mode receipt / payment / Contra entry
  • Per entry narration or single narration
  • Auto generated voucher number
  • Enables SMS for every payment transaction
  • Facility to upload voucher scanned copy with every transaction
  • Auto-generates schedule number or manual numbering
  • Allows cash in hand and Bank ledger for JV Entry
  • Auto generated ledger code
  • Auto generated cheque range

Most colleges and universities house thousands and thousands of books and have dedicated an entire establishment for it. The library management software is integrated with all modules of higher education ERP and has a multi-user accessibility. The library management system manages the following of the library tasks:

  • Purchases, Accessioning and payment of books
  • Unique serial number identification through RFID library
  • Unique serial number serial identification of books. The details of purchase, indexing, search and circulation is saved in the serial number.

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

This library automation software for higher education institutions lets user search for books, documents, study material or collaterals. Search can be filtered on the basis of:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Publisher
  • Word title of book
  • Search in combination

Library Management Software Records & Tracks The Following:

  • Binding
  • Barcode
  • Stock verification
  • B. T. records
  • Circulation
  • Reservation and claims
  • AACR2 Catalogue
  • Overdue and recall notices
  • Clearance and fine
  • Notices and reminders
  • Book bank
  • Budget analysis
  • MIS reports

Checking the rooms' availability, allocating room to new students, managing hostel fees, visitors' records, mess, and all such hostel management related activities manually consume efforts, time, and resources. Moreover, hostel management also requires looking after the security of students which can only be achieved with close supervision of daily students' activities.

Hostel management system is designed to manage all hostel activities like hostel admissions, fees, room, mess allotment, hostel stores & generates related reports for smooth transactions. It is also used to manage monthly mess bill calculation, hostel staff payroll, student certificates, etc.

Designed & developed keeping in mind all the hostel management concerns of staff, KarnaniSOFT's Hostel Management Software is a one-stop-solution for higher education institutions. Right from students' registration to allocating rooms & mess, managing student count records, and ins-and-outs of students, it streamlines & automates all the day-to-day hostel activities.

It also ensures the following details to be fed for effective management.

  • Hostel infrastructure
  • Mess creation and management
  • Registered students
  • Merit lists
  • Room and mess allotment
  • Mess bill calculation
  • Fines and Payroll

Financial accounting can also be managed by the hostel management system. Cash, banks, JV entries, ledgers, trial balances, final accounts, and reports can be registered too. Hostel stores manage stock and purchases of goods needed and required to effectively run hostels.

Benefits Of Hostel Management Software

The following are the main advantages of hostel management software.

Systematic Control Over Hostel Activities

Verifies the students' applications & creates a merit list on the basis of pre-defined hostel room allocation rules and helps the staff to allocate rooms & wings. Thus, provides systematic control over hostel processes.

Accurate Student Data Management

Creates a centralized database of student information including their personal information such as name, address, guardian's mobile number, etc. The information can be accessed by the hostel warden or any other authority at any given point in time.

Complete Student Security

Keeps tab on students in-and-out time, name & other details of their visitors, student attendance, and count thus induces a disciplined life & ensures transparency & complete student security in the hostel campus.

HR And Payroll Software For Schools

Every educational institution needs to assess & analyze the current operational procedures & plan for efficient work processes for each department. When everything is analyzed with in-depth insights, the decision-making process of the management gets clear & helps them meet the work goals in terms of efficiency, productivity & better ROI.

Implementing the right resource management system software or simply HR management software can contribute hugely to the success of educational institutions in the long run. Cloud-based HRMS software maximizes the functionalities and helps the HR department to take thoughtful & strategic decisions for the betterment of the institution.

online HR management software is an advanced automation ERP software designed to simplify & streamline the functions of the HR department. The HR management software for higher education institutions deals with staff recruitment, hiring, administration, and training of faculty. The HR management system manages the payroll of staff members and is responsible for deductions, pay rules, and salary slips associated with it. All-in-all the advanced ERP for the HR department assists the HR personnel to conduct their daily operations seamlessly & save enormous time, boosting their work productivity.


basically means that modules of higher education management services are inter linked; the data of students, faculty and important departmental information can be used for all modules of college. This avoids total duplication of work.

Special Features Of Integration Are:

  • User security through smart cards and biometric technology

  • Encrypted login id and password of user

  • For critical applications optional IP address authentication is given for user login

  • Database is password protected

  • Separate web application and data server

  • User access depends on the department and role of user at college

  • Automatic monitoring

  • Log files can be created for user transactions

  • Backup of data can be done via,

    • Disk mirroring

    • On server

    • Other machines and hard disks

Purchase & Stores

It takes a huge amount of time to manage inventory manually. The chances of data mismatch leading to errors in calculation can also occur. This is why inventory management in educational institutions has become a major cause of concern. Be it keeping track of the stock or keeping the records in place all needs a centralized system. Store inventory management software is a perfect solution for taking care of the inventory as it not only reduces the time but also maximizes the efficiency of the whole process.

A store management system (or inventory system) tracks goods or books from the point of purchase through production and sales to the point of sale. It monitors inventory levels, orders, sales, take-up, and deliveries. You can use it to manage all your inventory for your institution.

Store Management Information System

KarnaniSOFT's store management information system is an advanced ERP module that provides a lot of facilities that help to automate the most elaborate and tedious tasks involved in tracking the inventory. The educational ERP software automates key functions related to the functioning of the retail department. Some of the vital operations which the software takes care of are generating receipt of goods, making stock book entries, generating bills, issuing materials for different departments, maintaining stock books regularly, etc.

The most notable functionalities of the store management system include:

  • Maintains the details of multiple institutes
  • Safekeeping of the vendor's details
  • Automatic updates of transaction of supplies and purchases
  • Generation of store MIS reports

Key Benefits Of Store Management System

The following list depicts the major benefits of the store management system.

Automation Of Inventory Management

Built with the latest technology framework, the store inventory management system automates the entire operation of inventory management & saves the effort & time of the administrative staff.

Improved Data Visibility

The store management information system serves to improve data visibility with respect to the number of stocks. The institutional administrator can easily keep a tab on the stocks with a few clicks.

Timely Delivery Of Stocks

The store inventory management system ensures that the issuing personnel receives the right product at the right time for hassle-free operations.

Training & Placement

The training and placement management system creates student and company databases. This module allows students to update parts of bio data and invite companies for placements. Student list can be retrieved from the database of the management software on the basis of the selection criteria of the company.

Training and placement management module additionally manages interview schedules, student list announcements, records of various training and placement activities and the like. This module of education ERP solution can assign login rights to the department staff.

Role Of Companies :

Companies can register with the Training and Placement department; and can request the institute staff for interview schedules and selection criteria.

Role Of Students :

  • Can register themselves online, through the Training and Placement portal
  • Update their resume details.
  • Apply for interviews.
  • Get updates about Training and Placement schedules, interviews and selection procedures.

Key Features Of College ERP Software

Cloud based college management software is designed to cater colleges; globally. Our centralized campus management system is for university affiliated art, science, commerce and law colleges. We also offer ERP solutions for engineering, pharmacy, medical, management and autonomous colleges.

Modern Technologies

Cloud education ERP is integrated with modern technologies, our portal for online fees payment and biometric & RFID technology which is supported by the library management software.


KarnaniSOFT assures significant implementation and training sessions for college ERP software before installing it. It drives staff and users towards a regularised pattern of functioning.

Support And Backup

When colleges seek ERP solutions for their institution what they are actually looking out for is a software which not only manages every teeny-tiny activity of the college but also ensures effective support, retrieval and efficacy of data.

Data Security

Moreover, It makes sure that data and confidential information of the college stays secure, under the vigilance of the admin and protected from external threats.


College automation software has many functions, predetermined actions and tabs, thus will reduce the administrative work of colleges. Moreover, colleges have their own rules and regulations which are peculiar to that very institution; for such colleges we offer customization.

Cost Efficient

When ERP is cloud based, colleges do not have to invest heavily on hardware installations. The greatest functional fact is that it can have many users across different college departments.

Benefits Of College ERP Software

For any college to function their administrative processes evenly, educators must choose an efficient College Administration System & get entitled to the following benefits.

  • Accreditation Data Management & Compliance Reports

    Accreditation Data Management Software module to help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) get prepared for accreditation from agencies like NBA /NAAC by managing institutional data, maintaining necessary documents & proofs and generating error-free reports.

  • Multi Campus Structure For Different Societies

    CCMS supports a multi-campus structure that enables trusts & educational societies to have centralised database & streamlined operations across unitary institutions, schools/colleges, while maintaining their individual autonomy.

  • Auto-Triggered Reports & Analytics Dashboard

    Auto-mails of everyday report to admins & BI-powered analytics dashboard integration to monitor activities & provide valuable insights for driving institutional performance. Auto-generated & auto-triggered daily collection reports depicting the overview of everyday work & a dashboard stating key performance indicators helps stakeholders to evaluate institutional performance.

College ERP Software

A college management system is a cloud based educational ERP software that enables higher education institutions & colleges to manage online admission, student enrollment, students’ attendance, online fees, grades, assignments, library books, etc. It can also generate online results, marksheet, students’ performance reports, etc & simplify the hassles of faculty.

KarnaniSOFT College Management System is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration. Hosted on cloud, this college ERP helps educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, business intelligence tools & analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, enrollment, scholarship, previous academic record, domicile, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management.

KarnaniSOFT’s College ERP has 25+ pro modules and 30+ inbuilt modules. This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Our team understands that for any college to function their administrative processes plausibly, should and must opt for an cloud education ERP, for the following reasons –

  • Manual work reduces considerably
  • Operations of Academic and Non-Academic department get in-synced
  • Generates reports/ receipts/ drafts for all modules
  • Data stays secure
  • Affordable Customization
  • Modern Web Technologies
  • Reasonably priced
  • 24×7 online and offline support

How Collage ERP Software Helps

Effective information sharing

The dissemination of information is one of the most significant benefits of ERP software. With the aid of our data management tools, organizations can provide students, parents, faculty and staff with accurate and timely information.

Easily store student records

A cloud-based educational ERP software can easily preserve data and ensure its security. In addition to this, it also makes the data easily accessible to authorized users, paving the way for timely decision making.

Efficiency in operations

The ERP systems builds efficiencies by digitizing data, making it easier to monitor, access and manage. It promotes a high degree of accuracy in gathering information, allowing you to extract relevant data as and when necessary.

Automates administrative processes

Our ERP software automate almost all of the administrative tasks that the staff perform manually. It reduces the workload and frees up time for you to concentrate on more meaningful activities related to imparting quality education.

Collage Management ERP Software

College Management System for colleges to digitize work processes & improve overall operational efficiency by automating Student-Faculty life-cycle and Campus Administration. The College Software empowers Management with important reports such as : Daily Collection Report, Academic Performance, Accounting Reports and many more which helps them manage operations & stay updated. Essential & Accurate Reports for various Compliance Bodies can also be downloaded at all times, saving institute’s time & energy thus improving efficiency.

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Collage ERP Software Solution

A college management system is a cloud based educational ERP software that enables higher education institutions & colleges to manage online admission, student enrollment, students’ attendance, online fees, grades, assignments, library books, etc. It can also generate online results, mark-sheet, students’ performance reports, etc & simplify the hassles of faculty. KarnaniSoft College Management System is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty life cycle and campus administration. Hosted on cloud, this college ERP helps educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as bio metrics, business intelligence tools & analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, enrollment, scholarship, previous academic record, domicile, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management. KarnaniSoft’s College ERP has 25+ pro modules and 30+ inbuilt modules. This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Our team understands that for any college to function their administrative processes plausibly, should and must opt for an cloud education ERP.


Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are required to submit institutional data of past few years along with necessary proofs & documents, and error-free compliance reports to get successfully accredited from reputed agencies like NBA/NAAC. Colleges ERP system can help institutions get ready for the accreditation by helping them –

  • Manage the required data & academic information
  • Generate accurate compliance reports while ensuring best practices

Here’s how College ERP Software can help institutions to conduct in-house as well as online examinations seamlessly.

1) Offline Exams: For successful conduction of offline/in-house examinations, the student information system (SIS) for college allows faculty to manage all the pre-examination & post-examination activities efficiently.

  • Pre-exam activities include –

    Preparing exam timetable, generating hall tickets, seat & room allocation, attendance sheet organization.

  • Post-exam activities include –

    Evaluating student performance by calculating marks, preparing grade cards, reports without any error.

2) Online Exams:The online examination ERP system eradicates the hassles of faculty by enabling them to conduct the entire examination procedure online & save enormous time & efforts. To ensure a smooth experience, it streamlines all the major exam tasks such as –creating exam timetables, scheduling exams, managing exam attendance, evaluating answers, creating error-free grade cards, and displaying results online within a short frame of time.

Online College Admission Software simplifies the hassles of admission by automating & streamlining all the activities of student admission procedure including college fee payments & collection. It empowers college staff & students by enabling them to perform the following activities speedily & thus, maximizing the overall productivity.


  • Apply & register for college admission online
  • Upload necessary documents directly online
  • Make registration fee payments online via trusted payment gateways
  • Make final admission fees online on getting shortlisted

College Faculty:

  • Track, receive & verify students ‘applications online
  • Collect college registration fee online via secured payment gateways
  • Create the final merit lists & communicate with students virtually
  • Collect final admission fees online & confirm admission

The following list depicts the modules of College ERP that help the administrators automate and manage the work processes seamlessly.

  • College Admission & Fees Management System
  • College Attendance Management System
  • College Examination & Assessment
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE) System
  • E-Learning or Learning Management System
  • Purchase & Store Management System
  • Hostel Management System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Accounts & Finance Management System
  • Library Automation & Management System
  • Training & Placement Department Management System

Collage Management ERP

KarnaniSOFT College Management System is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration. Hosted on cloud, this college ERP helps educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, business intelligence tools & analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, enrollment, scholarship, previous academic record, domicile, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management.

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