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A Changing Role for IT: Running the Business

Traditional IT has been lumped into the corporate cost center bucket—expenditures that are necessary but not especially connected with marketplace success. In other words, that bucket holds everything not focused on building and selling a company’s products or services. Every company’s approach to cost centers is the same: spend as little as possible. However, this […]
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Building a product without a plan is like navigating without a map. And creating a product without a product strategy is like planning a building without the blueprint. So yes, you may succeed in creating something, but both the stability and scalability will always be in question. Look, we understand. Once you have a good […]
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Developers are pioneers in tech innovation, so they’re always looking ahead. At KarnaniSOFT, we’re no different. We’re always on the hunt for future web development trends. All these trends have one thing in common: implementing them will go a long way to building a functional site and also make sites more SEO friendly. According to […]
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Why Choose Digital Customer Service?

We know that people are more connected to each other than ever before. That’s pretty much the story of the digital age: we can reach anyone, at any time, from anywhere. But we are not just more connected to our friends and family — we’re also more connected with companies. And that means our expectations […]
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E-Learning App development – Digital Education

Educational apps are the need for today. They have become one of the best learning resources these days. Just like a teacher, these apps guide you through excellent ways enhancing your skills and passion for studies.  With the ever-increasing popularity of the online education system, most of the modern schools have started offering education with […]
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Building Hospital Management System

What Is Hospital Management Software? Managing the operations of a medical organization is a challenge for employees since they should process loads of data and handle much paperwork. The best solution that can be found in this situation is implementing hospital management software (HMS). A web-based or a cloud hospital management system is a specialized software system […]
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Why You Needs a E-Commerce Application

Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps for E-Commerce Stores Mobile commerce is growing exponentially these days. If you want to build a successful trading enterprise and focus on attracting customers and increasing sales, the importance of having mobile e-Commerce solutions should be obvious. Actually, there are numerous reasons why you should have a mobile solution for […]
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Top 10 Software Development Trends In 2022

1. AI-Assisted Development Nowadays, many development platforms have added AI capabilities to increase development speed and easiness. For us, we seamlessly fuse AI with AIFusion™ into the user and developer experience. AIFusion directs developers to avoid getting lost, testing code, and speed-up. Developers save time by developing new or expertly editing existing ones, learned from […]
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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

Social media has evolved quite rapidly in the years it has been around. From BBS (Bulletin Board) to Friendster, Diaspora, Myspace and onto Facebook. But when we think of social media today, we arguably only have 3 or 4 large networks in mind: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Nowadays, those four platforms have become essential […]
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How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Major brands on social media and influencers make social media marketing look easier than it is. What could be easier than creating a social media account, making a few posts, and exploding your brand overnight, right? But of course, it’s just not that simple or easy at all. With billions of users and a veritable […]
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